Poor experience on remote bank account opening in HK (1)

Remote account opening is getting more important in Hong Kong these years, with COVID19 and the challenge from virtual bank. But I am facing a really bad journal. I still cannot get my internet banking profile after 3 weeks. I am very disappointed as the bank is recognized as the top bank in HK, and I have worked in remote account opening project in other HK bank before.

Firstly, the eKYC of HKID solution in the mobile app they chose is not good, it is so hard for me to take good shots with the asked angles. After I submitted the application, I was asked to wait for further review, it would make sense to me as my name check also failed in the Fraud detection solution. After 2 days I got welcome kit email from the bank, but do not have a clear message that my application is approved successfully.

After 2 weeks, I received my ATM card by post. But I still need to wait for 1 more week to have my ATM PIN by activating the card via IVR.

I was glad to get my ATM card and PIN 3 weeks after I have submitted the application. I need these 2 elements to register the Internet banking profile.

But the nightmare never ended, I am not able to register the profile. The system rejected me because I have owned one already.


Yes, I owned a credit card and cancelled it few years ago. I have also registered the Internet banking profile for checking e-Statement and supporting paper-less banking. However, I am not expected that they keep my profile after I have cancelled the services and not being their customers.

How can I do now?

I called the call center to ask for help. After waiting for 30 minutes, customer service officer told me that I need to visit the branch to remove the previous Internet banking profile.

Huh?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?

With my request, the officer help me to retrieve the profile name and reset the password, finally I can log into my profile.

But… I got this message.

The officer said, “This is why I suggest you to visit our branch…”

“Your branch officer will help me to remove the profile when I visit the branch?”

“… I am sorry, they cannot help you to remove the profile. You need to hand in the form to the branch…”

“Hand in a paper form? a physical form?”

“… if you cannot visit the branch, you can also submit the form by post…”


Stay tone, this story has not yet ended, and it looks like I still have a very long journal to login the Internet banking successfully. Let me check my calendar to see when I can visit to branch…



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